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bio365™ BIOCOCO™

- 1.5cu ft - Bag - Blend of Coarse & Fine Coir

bio365™ BIOCOCO™ is a high porosity blend of course and fine coco. Contains Bio Charge® Biology + bioCORE® Biochar + ultimateAIR™. Unlike commodity coco, BIOCOCO™ is a new category of engineered and manufactured organic media, made to exacting standards in bio365’s entirely indoor, controlled-environment US facilities. Highly responsive and designed to maximize cultivator control, BIOCOCO™ is the ultimate upgrade from commodity coco or rockwool substrates. BIOCOCO™ enables true plant-steering in all dimensions. Cultivators can fine tune a wide-range of both fertigation and irrigation techniques; from pulse-feeding to dry-stressing, allowing growers to maximize both plant chemotype expression and yield. A perlite-free combination of our patented Bio Charge® technology with a proprietary ultimateAIR™ blend of different types of coir, sourced from different continents to create class-leading air-filled porosity. It is a pre-hydrated product made on computer-controlled equipment with precision recipes, providing cultivators with a consistent, pH stable, low EC, dual biochemical-buffered media that is immediately ready-to-use. Suitable for both organic production and salt-based feeding regimens.

bio365™ BIOCOCO™ - 1.5cu ft - Bag - Blend of Coarse & Fine Coir

SKU: 850018264037
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