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bio365™ BIOFLOWER™

- 1.5cu ft - Bag - Blend of Fine Coir, Coarse Peat, & Super Coarse Perlite

bio365™ BIOFLOWER™ is the powerhouse blend with the most nutrient-dense mix. This compost-free, biologically active living media is meticulously engineered and crafted in bio365's indoor, controlled-environment facilities. BIOFLOWER™ allows growers to significantly reduce adding fertilizers and amendments. This blend is optimized for the flowering stage of growth, containing up to eight weeks of organic and bioavailable nutrients - including phosphorus, potassium, and many critical micronutrients like silica. It also contains a significant amount of nitrogen. BIOFLOWER™ can be used stand-alone as a full-cycle soil, or in combination with BIOALL™, as Part 2 of a two-part system for growers who transplant. While designed to significantly reduce the need for additional feeding, it supports organic or salt-based feeding regimens.



  • Guaranteed Analysis : 0.74-1.10-0.50
  • BIOFLOWER™ Grow Bags are available in 3, 5, 7, 10 and 20gal sizes
  • Also available in 1.5cu ft Bags and 4-Yard Super Sacks
  • Manufactured and stored 100% indoors and compost-free in bio365's controlled-environment production facilities.
  • Multi-patented technologies provide high-performance organics that minimize pest and pathogen pressures.

bio365™ BIOFLOWER™ - 1.5cu ft - Bag - Blend of Fine Coir, Coarse Peat, & Super C

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