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bio365™ BIOBLOOM™

- 1.5cu ft - Bag - Blend of Coarse Coir & Coarse Peat

BIOBLOOM™ is a nutrient-dense mix optimized for the flowering stage of growth, containing up to eight weeks of nutrients, including phosphorus and potassium. It also contains a significant amount of nitrogen. Also featured are additional micronutrients such as silica, as well as the most bioCORE® when compared to bio365’s other soils. This compost-free living substrate combines patented Bio Charge® technology with ultimateAIR™. The blend is coarse and fine coir as well as peat, but without perlite, providing moderate to high air porosity, BIOBLOOM™ holds a bit less water than BIOFLOWER™, and is suitable for both organic and salt-based feeding regimens.

bio365™ BIOGREENS™ - 1.5cu ft - Bag - Blend of Fine Coir, Fine Peat, & Fine Perl

SKU: 850018264075
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