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FOOP Canna is the ONLY organic line of nutrients and cloning products made from fish poo and over a dozen other organic ingredients, with EVERYTHING high-yielding plants need to flourish. FOOP Canna Veg 1 is an organic nutrient solution used on plants in the vegetative stage of growth in conjunction with FOOP Canna Veg 2 and FOOP Canna Sweetener. Contains all of the potassium, calcium, magnesium, silica, critical minerals and micronutrients, mycorrhizae fungi and beneficial bacteria that high-yielding plants require to flourish in the vegetative stage of growth. Promotes root growth, thick stalks, and rapid luscious green topical growth. Derived from reclaimed fish excrement and mineral rich aquaculture water, organic mycorrhizal fungi, organic kelp and organic silica. Works great in soil, coco, and hydroponics. Guaranteed to not clog irrigation systems.

FOOP Canna Veg 1 32oz

SKU: 793897023015
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