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Benefits of using our Organic Systemic Pesticide

  • Protects your plant from roots to whole plant
  • Safe up to day of harvest when used as directed
  • Can be used for organic production
  • Safe around children & pets when used as directed




How our Systemic Insecticide for spider mites works

  • Insects destroy plant cells by sucking out their fluids or chewing up the cell walls. 209’s unique formula works by allowing the plant to uptake a small amount of rosemeric acid from the rosemary plant. As the plant distributes the rosemeric acid throughout its cell walls, a barrier is soon constructed that is harmless to the plant. When an insect starts to suck or chew on the plant it comes in contact with the rosemeric acid and causes the insect to stop eating and move on.
  • 209 is made up of 100% pure botanical extracts that are highly water soluble.We process raw certified organic botanicals and herbs in-house, ensuring oils and terpenes have a consistent potency across all of our products. The botanical extracts are all food grade GRAS (generally recognized as safe when used as directed) materials, that are fully biodegradable, and not toxic to animals. It is exempt from EPA registration under minimum risk pesticide exempted under FIFRA section 25(b). It can be used on a wide variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Pests our Systemic Pesticide repels & kills

  • 209 is powerful organic systemic insecticide which repels and kills spider mites, broad mites, russet mites, root aphids, gnat larvae, fungus gnats, white flies, cabbage maggots, and most boring insects.

Systemic spider mite control use

  • Home & Gardens
  • Hydroponics
  • Greenhouse
  • Agriculture

Mixing Compatibility

  • Mix 209 with SNS-203, SNS-604A, SNS-604B, SNS-PC, SNS-DC

SNS-209 Pest Control 16oz Concentrate Sierra Natural Science

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